ASU Student Places 3rd at World Series of Poker Tour in Las Vegas


One kid’s dream of becoming a millionaire turned into a reality.

A 21-year-old ASU student placed third in last year’s World Series of Poker Tour.

Through hours of tough competition and crucial moments, Jake Balsiger walked away with a $3.8 million dollar prize. Greg Merson and Jesse Syliva were the two professional poker players left at the final table with Balsiger.

Merson won first place, while making his name in history along side Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, and Johnny Chan. Merson and Balsiger broke a record by dealing more than 364 hands at the final table.

The World Series of Poker tournament began in July with more than 6,000 players, which consisted over a 2-week period idn poker apk terpercaya. Jake Balsiger was born and raised in Oakland even though he refers to Tempe, Arizona as his home.

When he was 13 years old he began to develop a passion for poker.

Even though he played poker during his early teen years, he never played for money until he was 18.

Balsiger, a political science major, focused on his studies while trying to learn more about the game of poker. It wasn’t until last year when Balsiger started to take poker more seriously and become an overall good poker player.

Arizona State University students were surprised Jake Balsiger walked away with a multi-million dollar prize during last years World Series of Poker Tour.

“Good for him,” 22-year-old senior, Dan Griffin said. “It makes ASU look good when a student goes and does something like that.”

Student Wes Nee did not know Balsiger had placed third at the World Series of Poker.

“I’m surprised,” Nee said. “I didn’t know Balsiger place third at the World Series of Poker, but that takes skill.”

“I don’t know Balsiger, but he is very talented,” 21-year-old Jeff Dunn said. “I play poker for fun. It would be impossible for me to keep up with those guys.”

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